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Help Is At Hand Virtually

You may not be surprised to hear that the virtual service is becoming more and more popular in the current climate. Many people are not comfortable in welcoming newcomers into their homes or may not be able to due to their personal circumstances.

The lockdown lifestyle has been a challenge in so many ways. Having the whole family at home most of the time has created extra mess and disorganisation which is extremely challenging for many of us. Trying to get on top of things can be overwhelming on your own and so virtual working is a great way to kick start your home decluttering and life organisation if you are motivated but are not sure where to begin.

So how does it work?

– Sessions can be arranged around your schedule – perhaps early mornings, evenings or weekends would suit you best?

– The free virtual consultation will allow us time to determine your goals and put together a clear plan for us to work with during and in between sessions

– The sessions are client specific – time management, decluttering techniques, storage solutions and managing household tasks are just a few examples of what we can work on together

– All you need is a good internet connection, a device with a camera and a little knowledge of how to use ZOOM

– We will start small – focusing on one area at a time

– Follow up emails after each session will map out a plan for you to work through before the next virtual meet up

What are the benefits of decluttering and organising?

– A well organised space will save you time trying to find the things you need

– You will have more living space

– Better organisation and less clutter can reduce stress and anxiety

– Decluttering can make you feel good, bringing a sense of calm to your home and life

– Making quick decisions and getting things done can be energising

– You will feel less distracted in your calm organised environment

– You will find your productivity increases

Questions and thoughts you may have

I have too much ‘stuff’ and I feel overwhelmed. How will I know where to start?
Before the initial free consultation, I will send you a simple questionnaire to complete. This will include a series of questions that will help me start to understand your situation before we virtually meet. During the consultation we will map out a plan that prioritises the areas in your home that will have the most positive impact on your lifestyle.

Can my partner be involved in the sessions?
Absolutely yes! Decluttering and organising together can be most helpful and productive. The plan can be mutually agreed and the common goals will motivate you to complete the tasks together.

My home is busy most of the time, how will I manage to do anything?
During the free consultation we will take a look at your weekly schedule and find a time that will work for you. It might be that an early morning would work or an afternoon at the weekend when the family can be out and about. We will also look at when the best time is for you to tackle the decluttering and organising in between our sessions. It is important that the tasks are small enough to be achievable in the limited time that you have. 

Do I need to take notes during our sessions as I am sure I will forget what the plan is?
No there is no need to take notes.  I will email a plan shortly after each session.

Will we declutter in the virtual sessions together?
Yes – once the plan is in place with your specific goals we can declutter together. I will make sure that you are equipped to start this process before the session begins.

I feel embarrassed about my home
The service is confidential and non-judgemental. Many of us get stuck and need a helping hand. Together we can tackle the problem areas and make you love your home again.

Get in touch today to find out more about my virtual service.