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Work Life Balance – Find The Space

As we continue in lockdown, many people will find themselves working from home for the foreseeable future. Friends I have spoken to are lucky enough to have a spare room that they can use as their office, but others just don’t have that luxury. Separating work and home life is critical for our wellbeing but is tricky in a small home. Closing ‘the door’ on a day’s work is so important. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you are struggling with the adjustment.

Find a designated space

The space doesn’t need to be huge but it needs to be just your office space. You may need to remove a piece of existing furniture and replace it will a desk or table. If there are others in the household then explain that it’s your workspace and therefore it can’t be used for other purposes.

Use a room divider screen

There might be space for your office in your open plan lounge/dining room and so why not add in a dividing screen to make the space your own. This will also hide your office away when you are not working. I love the room dividers from www.kreisdesign.com. Not only are their plywood designs simple and contemporary, the peg board freestanding screens are very practical – the moveable pegs and shelves allow you to set up the screen to suit your requirements.

A small desk is all you need

I find that the larger desk the more mess I make, so only having a limited space for a small desk isn’t such a bad thing! Consider a wall mounted foldaway table attached to the wall or even wall mounted drop leaf table – Ikea’s NORBERG is only £35 and would sit well and out of the way under a window ledge. The Esme wall desk from Made.com is a great choice – it measures just 60cm x 40cm x 17cm and costs only £149.

You’ll need some storage and a filing system

If there is not enough space next to your desk then I would think about repurposing an existing piece of furniture. Ottomans and blanket boxes are ideal to store your office paperwork and equipment in. Divide the internal space up with small containers (and you may even find some suspension files that fit). Use the open lid as a notice board.

A couple of stacking plastic containers on wheels can work equally as well. You can simply wheel them into a cupboard or wardrobe at the end of the day.

And finally…

Add a plant or some fresh flowers to your desk or a nearby shelf, keep the space around you as clutter free as possible and take regular breaks. This means getting up from your desk and making a cuppa or popping outside for some fresh air. Don’t get taken in by social media on your phone and stay sitting at your desk – you need time away from your workspace so that you can continue your productivity throughout the day.